Additional Fabrication Services

Housed within the layout department of our custom metal fabrication shop are additional capabilities including shear, saw, roll, punch and pem setter machines. Our staff will help you determine the most cost-effective method of producing your manufactured parts. Our fabrication shop can also assemble and deliver your items if required.


The shearing process is perfect for making straight-line cuts on flat metal. 

  • Accushear 12’ X 3/8” steel with CNC backstop


Our saw cutting services provide quality, precise cuts offering compound angles, bundled cutting and hydraulic clamping.

  • Vertical Tilt-Frame Production Band Saw
    • 18" horizontal, 22" vertical @ 90° 18" horizontal
    • 15" vertical @ 45° (left miter) 18" horizontal
    • 14" vertical @ 45° (right miter)


Roll machines quickly and efficiently transform flat sheet metal into cylindrical shapes in a wide variety of diameters. 


The punch creates basic shapes by punching holes in sheet metal.

  • Single punch machine

Pem Setter

The pem setter is used to install self-clinching fasteners.

  • Force range: adjustable up to 16,000 lbs.
  • Throat depth: 24"
  • Stroke length: 0-8.5" adjustable

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