Virtek LaserQC

Virtek LaserQC Ensures Accuracy

Kasa Fab’s Quality Control department utilizes the use of a Virtek LaserQC inspection system to identify quality issues quickly. The system verifies calibration before each scan to ensure repeatable accuracy. Using this system, our staff can quickly and accurately perform scans and/or produce first article inspection on any flat during the initial phases of manufacturing.

As a part is scanned, the outline of the part appears on the computer screen in real time. Taking only seconds, the part can be compared to the corresponding CAD file, highlighting variances. This equipment can also be used to scan an existing part and reverse engineer it, producing a quality CAD drawing.

As part of Kasa Fab’s QC department, this system helps us increase throughput in our fabrication shop and achieve optimal accuracy within 0.05mm (0.002 inches).

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